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THE ASAP DIETS (As Slim As Possible)

Patients Are Successfully Losing Weight
With This Powerful 3 Component Diet!

  • HCG
  • Phen Tab
  • Super Booster

There Are 3 Types Of Fat
In Our Bodies

  • Needed structural fat that surrounds and protects organs
  • Fat used for energy normal reserves
  • Accumulation fat – this is what we want to eliminate!!!

HCH = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Produced by placenta when pregnant HCG controls your metabolic functions in the body.

  • HCG has also shown to have dramatic results on the movement of fat away from normal deposits on the hips and abdomen area.
  • HCG allows the body to saturate the blood with food and nourishment which is parallel to what happens during pregnancy.
  • If the patient reaches a plateau, they can do a “restart” which allows the patient the option of replacing the diet with an “apple day”; up to 6 apples in one day allowed.
  • If the patient chooses to repeat the diet, they must wait 3 weeks before doing it again.
  • Aspirin, Multi-Vitamin all permitted on typical program.


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